What we voted to see in the Atmos Project was visionary.

• Over 4,000 meaningful contributions

• Over 20 public consultations

86% Yes vote for the Atmos Project

62 affordable housing units

Genuinely affordable houses held in perpetuity for the Totnes community.

Nationally important
Music & Arts venue

The Brunel building transformed into the best community Music & Arts venue west of Bristol.

37 retirement homes

Building for the Totnes Community to connect Young and Old. Privately sold and built to high sustainability standards.

Youth provision

A much needed space for young people in Totnes. Our future starts here with inspiration from the new generation.

Local labour initiative

Atmos will be built, in part, by providing much-needed training opportunities for local people.

Public space

Creating a new space for Totnes; beautifully landscaped, public art and places for people to meet.

58 bed Eco-Hotel and roof garden

Jobs and training at our very special hotel with a garden on the roof that's run as a community enterprise.

Business space to grow and expand.

7,051 square metres of workspace for new businesses to get established and for existing businesses to expand.

Live/Work spaces for a changing world

Many people in town told us they wanted places where they could work downstairs and live upstairs. So we’re building them…

Local food from a local grocery store

With such an abundance of fine food in Devon we can do it Atmos-style!

Health and Wellbeing Centre

Close to the river, working with health professionals, this will be an additional strand of health provision in the town.

A Sustainable Transport Hub

Atmos is designed to be as car-free as possible, with a shared electric car pool, access to public transport and more. see delivery plan

School for Food Entrepreneurs

A place where new food businesses can get established without the need for their own commercial kitchen. An incubator for food entrepreneurs.


A brewery/bar at the entrance to the town showcasing the finest in local craftsmanship and flavours.

Riverside Cafe

A cafe where we can all enjoy the river, and then take a river taxi into town.

100% renewable
Energy Centre

Supplying onsite renewable energy to power the whole scheme.

Flood Defence for the whole town

Extensive flood mitigation and defence; for Atmos and for the whole town.

Community inter-connection

Creating opportunities for Totnes residents, young and old, to come together.

Ready to start since 2019

Phase 1 - Cleaning up the site

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