We believe the Atmos Project will happen, and that it represents the future Totnes needs. It's time this community had a say in our most valuable resource - our town.

Totnes Community Development Society were poised to develop out the Dairy Crest site to a resident-designed blueprint. So what happened?

We demand the realisation of this groundbreaking plan.What can we do?

We are the
Atmos for Totnes
campaign group

Our campaign wants to tell you why the Atmos Project is worth fighting for and why it matters to Totnes and other towns around the country.

We want to honour the 2016 referendum, when 86% of the town voted for a mixed use community-led development to bring the old Dairy Crest Site back to life, for the town, forever.

We also recognise the years Totnes Community Development Society spent working intensively with their professional design team, growing an intimate understanding of the site and all its challenges.

We also recognise the thousands of volunteer hours and £1 million invested in unlocking the site's potential in spite of the site's complexity and constraints, while creating an incredible solution to the site, thanks to the technical and financial knowledge and extensive skills gained en route.

For years private investors refused to buy what was deemed a problematic site with a listed building and major flood risk. That was until TCDS together with the people of Totnes and all the local expert architects, surveyors, builders, decontamination specialists and ecologists made the site viable.

So what really happened? Did it really take too long? How was the site purchased just days before community ownership?

Another another world is possible if we fight for it.
Join us.

Atmos Totnes is a pioneering inspiring and desperately-needed example of what community-led development looks like. As we emerge from COVID, we need inspiring initiatives like this more than ever. And so I urge South Hams District Council to do absolutely everything within their power to ensure Atmos happens.

And indeed I call on the government, which created the localism agenda for communities, of which this is the shining light, to do everything within their power to ensure that Atmos is able to be realised. Atmos is the future, it’s what we need to bind communities and give them hope. Let’s make this happen."

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