What happens when a community imagines its own future?

Atmos Totnes is a once-in-a-generation chance to develop a key part of Totnes in a way that is for the people, not just for profit. Rather than a handful of people designing a scheme to suit their own financial needs, Atmos Totnes was designed by over 4,500 contributions from Totnesians over many rounds of consultation.

In this section we explore the elements of what makes Atmos such a bold and brilliant development. 

A reminder of what we voted for

Atmos is about meeting the needs of the community, designed by the community, owned by the community...

Genuinely affordable housing

Is incredibly important to the community of Totnes, given below average household income and very high housing costs  – both for sale and rent.

Business and training opportunities

The scheme will be home to many businesses and at least 160 jobs. Atmos will become the heart of a new economy supporting the town, and the region.

Designed in Totnes

Unlike most of the commercial developer-driven developments in Totnes, Atmos is designed to meet local needs. Together we all created a scheme for Totnes to be proud of.

Totnes, here's what we voted for.

62 Community-linked affordable housing units

Genuinely affordable houses held in perpetuity for the Totnes community.

Nationally important
Music & Arts venue

The Brunel building transformed into the best community Music & Arts venue west of Bristol.

37 retirement homes

Building for the Totnes Community to connect Young and Old. Privately sold and built to high sustainability standards.

58 bed Eco-Hotel and roof garden

Jobs and training at our very special hotel with a garden on the roof that's run as a community enterprise.

Business work space connecting Atmos to Town

7,051 square metres of workspace for new businesses to get established and for existing businesses to expand.

Live/Work spaces for a changing world

Many people in town told us they wanted places where they could work downstairs and live upstairs. So we’re building them…

Local food from a local store

With such an abundance of fine food in Devon we can do it Atmos-style!

Health and Wellbeing Centre

Close to the river, working with health professionals, this will be an additional strand of health provision in the town.

A Sustainable Transport Hub

Atmos is designed to be as car-free as possible, with a shared electric car pool, access to public transport and more. see delivery plan

School for Food Entrepreneurs

A place where new food businesses can get established without the need for their own commercial kitchen. An incubator for food entrepreneurs.


A brewery/bar at the entrance to the town showcasing the finest in local craftsmanship and flavours.

Youth provision

A much needed space for young people in Totnes. Our future starts here with inspiration from the new generation.

Public space

Creating a new space for Totnes; beautifully landscaped, public art and places for people to meet.

Riverside Cafe

A cafe where we can all enjoy the river, and then take a river taxi into town.

Energy Centre

Supplying onsite renewable energy to power the whole scheme.

Town Flood Defence

The site works for Atmos are the vital last piece of the flood defences for the whole town.

Local labour initiative

Atmos will be built, in part, by providing much-needed training opportunities for local people.

Community connection

Creating opportunities for the community, young and old, to come together.

Phase 1 - Cleaning up the site

Ready to start since 2019

“Atmos is one of the most groundbreaking proposals for community-led developments in the UK today. Based on my own research and experience over the last twenty years, Atmos is a classic win-win project for local and central government, local businesses and the community.  We face huge challenges as a nation to build a net-zero, more resilient society by the 2030s. Atmos is part of that solution, and should be prioritised as such”.

Paul Chatterton

Professor of Urban Futures, University of Leeds; author of ‘Unlocking Sustainable Cities’

“As a Devon citizen, I’ve been cheering the incredible Atmos Totnes project on from the sidelines for over ten years. In this time of climate crisis, we desperately need pioneering developments which demonstrate how homes, jobs, workplaces and public space will be provided in a zero carbon future.

Atmos Totnes promises to do exactly that - and with such creativity and style, too - so I am furious to hear that they have been gazumped and lost their arts/music/theatre space and so much more. Please reverse this outrageous decision immediately!"

“I’m horrified that the community-led development of the dairy site by Atmos Totnes is hanging in the balance. This kind of future-thinking development can transform local economies and is exactly what we need as we emerge from Covid-19. We must ‘bounce forwards’ not fall back on conventional development that has failed so badly for so long.”

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